Composite Shutters or shutters that are a hybrid of natural and man made materials are usually the best option in the Faux or Poly Shutter world. They are typically lighter in weight compared to their counterparts but still have the great look of a real wood shutters. These are typically more expensive than the other faux shutter options.
PolyCore – Another great option for faux wood shutters, it is the only synthetic shutter with a co-extruded
Poly Shutters/ Faux Shutters
aluminum core adding to the strength and stability of the product. However, it also adds about 40% more to the overall weight of the shutter, making it a very heavy shutter.
Vinyl Shutters – There are vinyl shutters, which actually provide good insulation, because the louvers, rails and stiles of the shutter are typically hollow, allowing heat to be captured inside the shutter. However, this shutter has more limitations than its counterparts, because they cannot be built to accommodate large windows, height or width without adding panels and divider rails. Also, their appearance can often time look much more synthetic, giving it a more plastic look and feel.