Wood Shutters – Shutters can be made with various types of wood, Basswood and Poplar wood being the two most prevalent
Basswood, a hardwood, is absolutely the best wood for building interior window shutters. It is the preferred wood that most quality manufacturers’ use. Basswood is a light weight hardwood known for its resistance to warping, twisting, and bowing.
Poplar wood is another type of wood used for interior wood shutters. Poplar wood mills and paints well. It’s easy to work with however, it has mineral streaks and a green color, which often make Poplar wood unsuitable for staining. Poplar is a heavier wood than Basswood and is moderately heavy for shutters. Poplar is widely available, and less costly. Poplar is best used for millwork and trim that is nailed in place rather than shutters. Popular generally produces a lesser quality wood shutter.
Wood Shutters