We are the second generation of window covering experts…our family has been and is still in the window covering business in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. It is with this foundation and background, combined with our individual professional experience that creates an unbeatable management and ownership team. Although our family is in the business, we are not affiliated with their company or any other franchise. We are wholly locally owned and operated here in Austin. We take great pride in that, Austin is a fantastic community and we do everything that we can do to support our home. Remember when you shop local, you are feeding our great community, you are circulating dollars within our beautiful city.

At Austinatious, we are a team. We treat every client relationship as a partnership. It is this bond that makes our company unique to the industry, we view each customer as a long term relationship. If you ever need something…just call us, we’ll do whatever we can do to help! Our installers are employees of our company and our team is comprised of members that have been with us for at least two years. Our assets are definitely the strength and bond of our team, our experience and the relationship we have with our customers.



Our Management Team

Tracey Hopkins

My background is in management consulting, specializing in entrepreneurial consulting. I focused on developing small businesses from a strategic positioning standpoint to developing the operations within the business. This experience combined with my family business background and passion has proven to be a great foundation for Austintatious Blinds & Shutters.


Norma Catano

Initially my career started in the medical field, I was a nurse. I enjoy caring for people so this was a great fit for me. However, then I combined this experience with my uncanny knack for developing relationships and became a top sales manager for a leading healthcare software company. My passion, has always been in home décor and creating unique spaces. I was able to combine my passion with my professional experience and became a founder of Austintatious.


Stephanie Hopkins

I have a background in retail management and sales. I excel in customer service and have a keen sense on how to run the operational and financial side of businesses. This along with my background with the family business has made me a true asset to the Austintatious team.

We have combined our individual backgrounds, personalities and aptitudes to truly create a unique and winning combination. There is no question that the professionalism that our management team exudes in our customer satisfaction and overall success of the business.




os - ten - ta - tious

Pronunciation: \-shəs\
Function: adjective
Definition: marked by or fond of conspicuous or vainglorious and sometimes pretentious display


Newest word added to the Austin vocabulary:


aus - tin - ta - tious

Pronunciation: \-shəs\
Function: adjective
Definition: sign of uniqueness; integrity; genuine; character; quality of character and/or product. Only found in Austin, Texas.